Plan, design & prototype a full-blown ‘Animation Feature Film’ pipeline.

I was hired as an Pipeline Engineer and future department head to develop a full new pipeline for a upcoming animation feature production.

So I started with a from scratch design of a Shotgun-centric pipeline for a multi-site and vendor supported production. This included conceptual solving of animation feature scale problems like:

  • Scene management with a custom scene description
  • Asset and shot management with packaging and variation handling
  • Complex dependency handling and file naming
  • Artist-friendly and yet complex UX design
  • Review and editorial integration

I also did resource planning and a lot of research. Some features got to a very early prototype stage, but the actual pipeline development has never started yet.


  • Jira - Confluence
  • Python - C++
  • Shotgun - Shotgun Toolkit
  • Maya - Houdini - Nuke

Many thanks to morro images for giving permission to use the Toothbyte logo on this site.