Motion Control

Beware! The ‘Kamera-Roboter’ is coming.

I’m not an actual Motion Control Operator, but I had contact with this fascinating technology from time to time. Especially the integration of motion control into CGI workflows did draw my interest.

I also supported and consulted smaller productions regarding CGI/VFX in combination with Motion Control systems. To learn the very basics of Motion Control I did attend to a Mark Roberts training session made possible by visavis in 2009.

One of the productions I was consulting is Evolutionary Stairs in 2014 for the Moesgård Museum, Højbjerg in Denmark. It’s an installation made for vistors experiencing a virtual world with a real-world figure. The figure model was filmed with the help of a motion control system, the environment was made and added digitally by another studio. The challenging - and my - part with this project was the translation of a digitally pre-made 360 degree-like camera move into a physically doable move with a Milo motion control rig and a turntable. I helped and supervised the creation of a workflow and appropriate rig in Maya.

See the result:

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