Design and development of a multi-purpose pipeline.

Due to the orientation towards many different project types of the studio I designed a pipeline approach with a flexible configuration management and component sharing for VFX-, realtime- and animation pipeline cores. The approach is based on Shotgun, Shotgun Toolkit and custom Git/Bitbucket workflows. This reduced the ramp up time with a minimal development team a lot. It also includes basic support of remotely working artists via a custom bootstrapping and localized pipeline software.

I took care of implementation of the flexible VFX core. It’s designed as a versatile pipeline-core and includes workflows to handle production management, reviews and production tools, including flexible processing of caches, shader, cameras and footage. The core also integrated a local renderfarm and simple add-on management.

I supervised the actual development and implementation by leading a small team agilely. At first we used a Scrumban project management style, but switched to Kanban in the end. I also did code reviews, testing, release management and QA.

Finally I did train the artist team how to use the pipeline. The development team also created documentation with technical information for pipeline developers as well as a illustrated introduction how to use the pipeline meant for manager/coordinators, artists and technical directors.


  • Jira - Bitbucket - Confluence
  • Git - Python
  • Shotgun - Shotgun Toolkit
  • Maya - Houdini - Photoshop - Nuke - Mari
  • Shell

Many thanks to Baby Giant Hollyberg for giving permission to use the ManyCore logo on this site.