Commercials #1

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Various commercial production I was working on as a CG generalist.

‘’ SuperRTL Toggolino Spot

In May 2010, I was hired as a VFX Supervisor by visavis Filmproduktion leading a small team of artists. As an artist I did character rigging, toon shading and matchmoving. Additionally I introduced a small scripted pipeline toolset for work file management and animation transfer. I also supported the film crew on-set and was consulted regarding VFX.

The spot won an award as ‘Bester Sender-Promotion-Spot’ on ‘3. Internationales Eyes & Ears Trailerfestival’, 2011, of Eyes & Ears of Europe.

See also this press release.

‘Emmi Caffe Latte’ Opener

With FX Factory Berlin I did as a generalist a series of simple promotional clips for ‘Emmi Caffee Latte’.

Further information can be found at FXIT.

‘Bet at Home - Cristo Redentor’ Spot

In one of the leading roles and with a small team of artists at FX Factory Berlin I helped creating this commercial. I introduced a simple scripted pipeline to support the teamwork efficiently. As an artist I created the character rig as well as some FX additionally.

You can watch the full spot on Youtube:

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‘Calgonit Finish’ Spot

I supported the creation of this spot made by PIXOMONDO STUDIOS in Hamburg. My tasks were primarily rigging and animation, but I also had some modeling and uv-layout tasks.


  • Maya
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects