Automotive #1

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Realistic vehicle rigging and animation for automotive related content.

I was hired by PIXOMONDO STUDIOS in Hamburg for various projects for several automotive companies.

My main task was the creation of a complex and realistic vehicle rig in Maya.

The basic features of the rigs were:

  • Manual controls for roto-animation
  • Automatic wheel rotations with manual/procedural overrides to have specific control for motion blur rendering
  • Realistic Ackermann steering
  • Dumper simulation
  • Virtual street to add minor wheel impulses procedurally
  • Flat tire deformation
  • Path system with automatic steering and correct rear end behavior.

Audi Showroom

The result of this project were multiple image films for face lifts of certain Audi models.

Live-action cars were fully or partially replaced with CGI cars. The original cars and cameras were matchmoved by Pixomondos Matchmove Department and the team in Hamburg, including me, did the keyframe animation on top of that and all other tasks to get the final product.

I also did some additional lighting, rendering and compositing.

Watch the entire Showroom film published by PIXOMONDO STUDIOS:

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Porsche Panamera

A presentation film for Porsches Panamera e-hybrid model.

Besides vehicle rigging and animation, I additionally did camera and layout.

Porsche Cayman

Another presentation film for technical aspects of Porsche vehicles.

My vehicle rig I described above was used for that project again. So I did adjustments to match the new car model. I also roto-animated to match filmed cars movement with a CGI model. Additionally I rigged and animated some of the gears and ‘insides’ of the Cayman model.

BMW Efficient Dynamics

Seamless and transition-able animation and graphics for BMW website.

Again, rigging and animation was done by me. But I also did support with lighting, shading, rendering and compositing.


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  • V-Ray
  • Nuke
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